Tops on 2014/10/24

4515 Owl just fit right in here.
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4289 Canadians rally to paint over a mosque in Cold Lake, AB that was vandalized last night with spray paint saying "Go Home."
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4262 Just weeks after winning a Nobel Prize for his microscope, Eric Betzig has again revolutionized microscopy.
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4234 the earth
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4111 Master Chief and Arbiter Maya style. (As promised my wife's newest painting. Hope you like it)
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4062 Egypt has just suffered a terrorist attack resulting in the deaths of 25 soldiers.
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4036 I need a puppy
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3951 Come on 5PM!
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3924 Adopted a puppy last year. One of his 11 brothers/sisters came back up for adoption....couldn't resist.
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3924 Pacman's death.
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