Tops on 2016/08/30

7255 Richard Sherman wants billionaires, not taxpayers, to pay for stadiums
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6768 Hermit crab with sea anemones on her shell upgrades, then transfers her anemones onto her new shell.
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6691 A ripped version of my comic was just front page - here it is in high res! (Plus some others) OC
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6690 Costa Rica celebrates 113 days of 100-percent renewable energy (and counting)
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6469 My first four leaf clover...
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6374 Tasmanian devils show evidence of a new evolutionary resistance to facial tumors that have devastated populations to the brink of extinction, Nature Comm study finds.
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6294 Cameron 'gave pay rise of 24% to some special advisers' before resignation | Former PM bumped up salaries of some advisors by £18,000 at a time when public pay sector pay rises were capped at 1%
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6123 For the past two years, anything sitting in our garage that the wife says we can't get rid of, I've hung as "art" in our otherwise useless front room.
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6073 Yep, it's still battlefield
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5880 Bowser in Dominoes
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