Tops on 2016/02/11

7336 Gravitational waves from black holes detected
(comments) (from worldnews)
6340 This guy spent over a year throwing eggs to his unsuspecting mum
(comments) (from videos)
6032 Gravitational Wave Megathread
(comments) (from askscience)
5983 A physical visualisation of a magnetic field.
(comments) (from pics)
5955 He loves his new sister
(comments) (from aww)
5947 Deliberately obtuse: Companies now desiring the exact opposite of common good usability...
(comments) (from gaming)
5882 Man withdrawing cash from ATM in Pennsylvania.
(comments) (from pics)
5752 Clinton promising to crack down on corporations that game the system. Only days later, Clinton’s campaign is launching a fundraising blitz that includes events with representatives of industries that have significant business interests before the federal government.
(comments) (from politics)
5556 LIGO makes gravitational wave announcement today
(comments) (from science)
5539 This guy is way too calm
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