Tops on 2017/01/20

9947 Magical Whisperstone
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9585 The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun
(comments) (from politics)
9571 Gordon Ramsay eats shark fin soup, then discusses the problems with it
(comments) (from videos)
9301 Clean, safe, humane — producers say lab meat is a triple win
(comments) (from technology)
9279 TIL that in the first study to show hormonal bonding between humans and another species, it was found that staring into your dog's eyes causes a rise in oxytocin - the same hormone that bonds human mothers to infants.
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9272 Something that annoyed me about Fallout 3/NV
(comments) (from gaming)
8927 Dutchie soaking up the sun on a chill day at the river
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8582 This is why it's important to learn percentages, kids...
(comments) (from funny)
8476 Is this where gaming is going? You need to pay 100 dollars to get 9 more characters to game? I can bet my head that the characters are already made! They are just robbing us. Playing waiting game to make the purchase more justified to us. "Give us your money fools".
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7515 The White House’s LGBT rights page has disappeared.
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