Tops on 2015/11/30

7807 United Airlines sued me last year for creating Skiplagged, a site that saves consumers money on airfare by exposing secrets. Instead of shutting it down, United made Skiplagged go viral worldwide and supporters donated over $80,000! Today, there's no lawsuit and Skiplagged is still marching on. AMA
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6238 Researchers find new phase of carbon, make diamond at room temperature
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6067 After 9 months... it is still there.
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5897 ...I think I'll take the next bus.
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5760 Erdo?an: I will resign if any oil purchase from Daesh is proven
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5737 Wait....where am I going?
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5559 China Is Building a Giant Animal-Cloning Factory to Feed the Masses - While the rest of the world sorts out its feelings about the safety & ethics of cloning animals for food production, China is charging ahead & building the world's largest animal cloning factory, set to begin operations in 2016.
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5537 Hanging fireplace
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5532 Time for a baby hippo
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5519 HO SHI-
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