Tops on 2016/10/24

6598 Somebody wore chainmail to their school photo
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6489 I carved a pumpkin this weekend
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6484 Maritime archaeologists accidentally discover 40 ancient shipwrecks at the bottom of the Black Sea - Some of the ships discovered are 1000s of yrs old, dating to the Byzantine empire, while others are from the Ottoman. Hulls, masts, tillers, & rudders are all clearly discernible.
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6469 He kept getting in the way while we were building a desk, so we gave him something to hold.
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6282 Neighbors new puppy couldn't be found until we looked in the play room. How stinking cute is this?
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6261 Philippines senator calls for Duterte to face crimes against humanity inquiry
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6250 TIL The man standing behind George Washington and holding the American flag in the famous painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware" is 18-year-old officer and future president James Monroe.
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6117 Scientists have just discovered that heading a football causes impairment of brain function: 41-67% decline in memory test performance, with effects normalising within 24 hours
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5906 Hey there little guy, whatcha d-
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5780 Don't shake the yoshi (Mii Plaza)
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