Tops on 2015/01/31

6891 Biggest bro save of all time
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5692 Team Rwanda see snow for the first ever time.
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5629 After being down for 51 days, the original Pirate Bay is back online.
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4735 Better driver than normal
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4653 Comcast Is Also Changing Customers' Names To "Whore" And "Dummy"
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4627 Canada Unveils New Anti-Terrorism Bill That Moves for 'Unprecedented Expansion of Powers': "This radical expansion of national security powers is not sound security policy and presents a real danger to Canadians," says civil liberties advocate
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4553 Karl Pilkington. THE VOICE OF HUMANITY.
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4484 1930 Bentley 'Blue Train' Recreation
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4391 Asian Leopard Cat Kitten.
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4390 TIL scientists believe MSG is perfectly safe. The MSG "myth" is based a single complaint from a scientist who once ate Chinese food, got sick and decided to blame it on the additive.
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