Tops on 2016/06/29

6131 Save money by using the same actor!
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5837 Google's FASTER is the first trans-Pacific submarine fiber optic cable system designed to deliver 60 Terabits per second (Tbps) of bandwidth using a six-fibre pair cable across the Pacific. It will go live tomorrow, and essentially doubles existing capacity along the route.
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5701 Mutilated body washes up on Rio beach to be used for Olympics beach volleyball
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5583 The original Michelin Man, circa 1907
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5565 Two former University of Kentucky cheerleaders just shared their engagement photo
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5554 TIL that the Honeyguide bird can guide African tribes to beehives after exchanging whistles with them. Once the humans have removed the honey, the bird can feed on the remaining beeswax and larvae
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5531 It's Official: California To Vote On Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
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5469 Where's Waldo?
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5446 Yemeni former president: Terrorism is the offspring of Wahhabism of Al Saud regime
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5399 Cuddles
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