Tops on 2016/09/30

7062 Feds go after Mylan for scamming Medicaid out of millions on EpiPen pricing
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7048 TIL With funds from ALS 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge, scientists found a gene called NEK1 and can now develop gene therapy to treat inherited ALS
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6624 Lethal doses of heroin and fentanyl side by side
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6569 Wealth of people in their 30s has 'halved in a decade' - BBC News
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6476 Best police report I've ever read.
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6281 EU plan to give free Interrail pass to every 18-year-old in Europe on their birthday: 'The mobility of young people is essential in promoting a sense of belonging to Europe'
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6258 Philippines leader likens himself to Hitler, wants to kill millions of drug users
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6135 When Apple Care doesnt cover water damages
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6108 The most unbalanced A.I. I have ever fought.
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6082 My Teacher has this Robot
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