Tops on 2014/07/24

4488 Fully commit, or eat shit...
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4355 ISPs are spending less on their networks as they make more money off them
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4136 I inspect vacant houses for the bank. This note tugs at my heart strings even more because I lost my job and house also.
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4124 Crouching tiger
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3958 When U.S. companies dodge taxes, is it unpatriotic?: "You want to operate here? You want access to this market? You want access to the work force...the economy? Understand this: To continue to have that access, you're going to have to pay your fair share of U.S. taxes."
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3911 Wiping away the tears
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3911 Study shows that crows can perform as well as 7- to 10-year-olds on cause-and-effect water displacement tasks
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3899 My cousin found a 1992 Mountain Dew bottle in a ditch this week. Under the cap was a winner for a Super Nintendo!
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3834 Air Algerie 'loses contact with plane from Burkina Faso'
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3802 TIL Landmines planted on the coasts during the Falklands War accidentally created penguin sanctuaries. The penguins are too light to detonate the mines, so they live and breed safely. The sanctuaries are so popular and profitable that there are efforts to prevent removal of the mines.
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